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Carpets Cleaning Company is working for many years with having a special team of carpet cleaners in Melbourne. Our mission is to neat and clean home of our honorable customers. Also we are available any time in emergency of water & flood damage restoration at economical prices.

Why our carpets becomes dirty day by day?

Our carpet is facing several guests every day like mud, pollen, allergens, animal hairs, little bugs and mites, and that they will consume wetness and become stuffy. All of those things does not mean that carpets will lose their original beauty during a short time, however, that they will become the cause of care. So our carpet cleaners are available for same day carpet cleaning services.

Keep your carpets clean with a cleaning service

Of course, this does not determine that you just start your carpets! On the opposite, you’ll be able to keep them with natural grace for a long time, to make them clean regularly. All you would like is to keep your carpets clean and fresh-looking is clean by professional carpet cleaners. has been cleaning carpets for a long time.

Carpets Cleaning Company offers professional services for the cleaning of carpets with highly experts who have a long-time specialty in carpet steam cleaning of all forms and designs and takes care to only use the best quality materials and that is also by using the most advanced procedures. If you are worried about deciding on the best carpet cleaning service, your carpet is unless properly cleaned. Contact us for the safest cleaning service and you can get answers to all your questions.

Hard stains will come out

If you have carpet in your house, and children or pet, then you want to clean your carpets in a way to clean the carpets from carpets cleaning experts. Once complete, it will be great as a result; there will be no mud, dust, and all the other dirty stains. It looks like there are no spots, particularly if you want to keep your floors clean.

If you have a lot of carpets to wash but don’t want to go to the shop for a carpet steam cleaner, you will undoubtedly be able to thoroughly clean your carpet with carpet cleaning services. The great news is that is available on a call or in a text message.

Carpets Cleaning Company is one of the most professional local carpet cleaners in Melbourne city. Cleaning the dirty carpets and carpet steam cleaning services are in high need, thanks to the advanced technology and built-in technologies. We also specialize in cleaning carpets and tiles with only light cleaning detergents.

How does our steam carpet cleaning service work?

Simply book your appointment online. Simply click the CONTACT US button in the upper right corner of the page and follow the steps to order your cleaning service.

Meet the carpet cleaner on the point. A fully equipped carpet cleaning specialist will come to your address on the date and time you specify.

We perform a complete inspection of the carpet and cleaning. We check the direction of each mat carefully. The carpet cleaner will decide the best possible cleaning solutions for the specific materials from which they are made. After that, vacuum the carpet, treat the stains in advance, and proceed with carpet steam cleaning with a special machine and an industrial vacuum cleaner. This is very beneficial when cleaning at the end of a rental.

You can enjoy long-lasting best results. You get more than just renewed mats. You will get better air quality on the premises, and thus better health for you and your family. Advantages can look new, and this will give your home a better feel.

We use the latest carpet cleaning machine that pumps hot water very efficiently. Rinse the carpets with warm water and a specially formulated cloth cleaning solution. Moisture (up to 95%) is then removed along with the dirt and dissolved lime. It is an effective method to remove stains because it can enter deep into the fabric and take care of stains on the cover.

Hot water suction (also known as wet carpet drying) is suitable for most industrial carpets, heavy traffic around the house, carpets in commercial buildings, and very dirty and stiff stains. The drying time after steam cleaning is 2 to 4 hours, depending on the ambient temperature.

  • Here is a general list of carpet fabrics that can be steam cleaned:
  • 100% wool: fancy fabric, easy to wear and appropriate.
  • Nylon – the most popular carpet fiber, which is resistant to moisture and traffic.
  • Polyester – Heavy grease stains can be tough to remove.
  • Acrylic – Repellent to stains and sunlight, less durable than nylon and polyester.
  • Polypropylene: Very popular, easy to clean, and does not shrink.

Professional advice:

You can simply check the condition of your carpets and rugs by folding the back of the carpet and checking the density of the wool when it is folded. If you can see great support through the wires, the carpet is of poor quality.